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Shanghai CHINT Power Systems Co., Ltd.
Block 4, 3255 Sixian Road,SongJiang District, Shanghai 201614, P.R. China
TEL :  +86-21-3779-1222

FAX :  +86-21-3779-1222-6003
EMAIL : market.cps@chint.com


Chint Power Systems Global Customer Service Center
HOTLINE : +86-21-3779-1222 - 6300
EMAIL :   service.cps@chint.com
Block 5, 3255 Sixian Road, SongJiang District, Shanghai 201614, P.R. China 



TEL : +86-21-3779-1222-6880
FAX : +86-21-3779-1222-6003
EMAIL : market.cps@chint.com


TEL : +86-21-3779-1222
FAX : +86-21-3779-1222-6003
EMAIL :  hr.cps@chint.com 


Route 1: Shanghai Railway Station of Metro Line 1→ Exit 1 of Shanghai Indoor Stadium →Shanghai – Songjiang Special Line (Husong Xian) at bus terminal → exit of Songjiang Expressway→ Bus No.10 or No.14 → Chint Living Zone.

Route 2: Yishan Rd. Station (origin station) of Metro Line 9 → Songjiang New Town Station (terminal) → go to Chint Living Zone by taxi, or take Bus No.16 after walking eastward to Sixian Road.

Route 3: Take Shanghai-Songjiang Special Line (Husong Xian) at Shanghai Indoor Stadium→ get off at Songjiang Ledu Road after 25 stops→ transfer to Bus No. 10 or No. 14 to Chint Living Zone.

Self-driving Route:Drive on A8 Expressway to the exit of Songjiang University Town, drive northward to Sixian Road and turn left. Ten minutes’ driving will lead you to Chint Living Zone when you pass a bridge. Turn left through the right gate and get to Bldg 4 after passing Bldg 1 and 2. Or drive on to the underground parking of Bldg 5.