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Purchasing Global Insurance,Showing Reliable Quality - Chint Power System

2015/1/22 10:59:55

Recently, in order to further ensure the interests of the global customers of Chint Power System, the company purchased "global product liability insurance policy" which adds a guarantee for customers on the basis of our perfect after-sales service. This action shows the brand quality of products, humanity included, which can also increase customers’ confidence in the quality of products, improved the market competitiveness of selling, biding and products of course.

"Global product liability insurance policy", a kind of guarantee and commitment for customers’ life and property safety, which give you a legal rights to obtain the financial compensation from responsibility undertaker if the property or personal injury caused by the product.

Chint Power System has been sparing no effort in raising the quality of the brand. For this, we formed Component Engineering & Reliability department and Quality department ,attract Dr Lee, a transnational management talents and double PhD owner of laser materials science at the university of southern California and Tsinghua university, who is engaged in the components and reliability validation work more than 20 years, has a very rich experience in multinational company management. The present products have been passed several international authoritative certification tests developed by the German VDE4105, VDE0126, European CE, American UL, Canadian CSA and golden sun.
With the growing popularity of the global photovoltaic power projects, PV system has been used by thousands and more. Buying this insurance can keep customers and products to safeguard form all-round. It is also an embodiment of the company’s confidence in the quality of the products. We are looking forward to accelerating the triumphs of the products in the international market by ‘it’s’ help.