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A new year day,A busy day – Chint Power System

2015/1/5 11:23:28

- more order, more enthusiasm
Songjiang reported (article YanChen/photo YueCheng)

At 8 yesterday morning, Guoqiang Wang, the production workshop director of Chint Power Systems, arrived at production workshop ten minutes earlier than usual, thought he was one of the earliest, but most colleagues were already here. Ten past eight, morning meeting of each production line started, earlier than before. Each group leader assigned work quickly, explained the difficulties, reminded security considerations. He toured the meetings and arranged safety officers took safety checks. "It seems that they are more spirit and enthusiasm at work than the days before new year." Guoqiang Wang said to the reporter, this is his first fresh feeling. Half past eight, the meetings ended, as well as the safety inspection. With running of the machines, the whole workshop looked busy and lively.
He pointed a production line, told the reporter, the company added a production line this year as we received more orders from the North American. The production task has been arranged to the end of April of this year, part of the production lines will work for 24 hours a day without interval. The shipment of string inverter exported to Europe and the United States is expected to be doubled in January, reach to 2500 units. At the same time, the number of 500kw inverter will increase to 320 units. We were told, to implement lean management, the company hired a workshop director as his co-worker to manage these two big workshops, including hundred workers.

According to other sources, several senior executives entered yesterday, engaged from international brand company. The new version of will be issued to each employee soon, which embodies more humanistic care of the company.
The reporter encountered Zhang Yin, general manager of the company, was communicated with frontline employees in the workshop. Zhang Yin is full of confidence and expectation for the New Year, "we will invest 9% revenue used in product research and development. We also look forward to realizing the target of 40% annual growth rate by taking the benefits from policy.”