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  • CPS SCA20-36kW

    CPS SCA20/25KTL-DO and SCA30/36KTL-DO grid-tied PV inverters are tranformerless, three phase products. The maximum input voltage is 1000V which makes the configuration more flexible. Patented 3-level control algorithm and thermal design provide 98.6% maximum efficiency and 98.1%

  • CPS SC20kW

    CPS SC20KTL-DO grid-tied PV inverter is designed for flexible use in different types of commercial rooftops and utility applications. 3-level technology, parallel switched MOSFET with IGBT and bypass strategy minimize power loss to achieve high efficiency at all load levels.

  • CPS SCA8/10/12kW

    Chint Power introduces three-phase 8/10/12kW inverters with unparalleled performances. The series is available in two versions, high efficiency (HE) and standard: the HE version features improved performance providing staggering efficiency of 98.6%, Euro efficiencyof 98.2%.

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