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  • PV Combiner Box

    For a large-scale grid-tied PV system , it is general to install a DC combining device between the PV arrays and inverters to minimize the cable distance, facilitate maintenance and improve reliability. Chint Power PV combiner box is a highly reliable and practical product to

  • 1MW/1.26MW PV Power Container

    Superior integration and turn-key design 1MW/1.26MW integrated PV turn-key design system with all equipments in one container, including PV inverter, DC Distribution cabinet (option), communication cabinet (option), and auxiliary power supply unit

  • 1.38MW Power Skid(US)

    CPS leverages it experience and scale economies of over 1500 units installed in Asia and Europe; this 1.38MW – NTRL certified Power Skid delivers world class performance with industry leading low cost. Battle tested on challenging grids of India and China, and conforming with adv

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